USR-GM3 Low Power Gsm Module small size

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USR-GM3 Low Power Gsm Module small size
USR-GM3 Low Power Gsm Module small size
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Model: USR-GM3
Manufacturer: USR IOT
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GSM GPRS Module Introduction

USR-GM3 is Low Power Gsm Module. It can easily connect UART port to the Internet by cellular's network. 

USR-GM3 is highly-integrated UART to GSM/GPRS module. USR-GM3 is an embedded GSM modem used to transmit data between UART port and cellular network by a SIM card. It is designed for embedded system, and it is so small and convenient that you can integrate it to your system easily.

GSM modem

GSM GPRS Module Feature

  • Small and completed function GPRS DTU, transmission between serial and GPRS
  • Support GSM850/900,DCS1800/1900
  • Support GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 2G/3G/4G card, but don't support 3G/4G network
  • Support 2 sockets, Support TCP and UDP
  • 4KB cache for each of sockets, user can choose to cache data or not
  • Support register package and heart beat package
  • Support setting parameters via SMS message
  • Support 4 work modes: SMS message transmission mode, network transmission mode and HTTPD mode
  • Support basic and extend AT command sets
  • Support similar RFC2217
  • Support flow control: RTS/CTS
  • Support RS485

GSM GPRS module

GSM GPRS Module Parameter

Parameter Value
Working Voltage DC 3.4 ~ 4.2V; recommend: 3.8V
Working Current Average: 55 ~ 90mA; Max: 750mA
Working Temperature -25 ~ 85°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85°C
Storage Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH
MAX transmit consumption GSM900 class4 (2W), DCS1800 class1 (1W)
Working Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Size 27.9 x 24 x 3.0 mm
Network Protocol TCP, UDP, DNS, Httpd client
Packing List USR-GM3*1

Application for GSM GPRS Module

1.Agricultural IOT Environment Monitoring Solution

GSM module for Agricultural IOT

2.Charging Pile Data Real-time Transmission Solution

GSM module for Charging Pile solution

3.City Bus Real-time Data Acquisition Solution

GSM modem for City Bus IOT solution

4.Remote POS Online Payment Solution

GPRS module for POS payment solution

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GSM GPRS modem

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USR-GM3 Low Power Gsm Module small size
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