More detail about USR-wifimod-II

SerialNet(snet) mode (data transfer transparent)

When USR-wifimod-II work at serial to ethernet convert mode, support UDP, TCP Server, TCP Client mode, after USR-wifimod-II connect to a wifi network, it work as setting mode, bind a TCP or UDP port, convert data from UART to ethernet Socket.

At this work mode, you can use it as a ordinary ethernet Equipment, commulication with it via Socket at any OS and use any Programming Languages to write control software.

Sweb mode (Serial <-> Web)

USR-wifimod-II has web server inside, support long keep connection, cache control, pass Certification and form Process, AJAX etc, user can vist USR-wifimod-II via web browser, see and change the config.

USR-wifimod-II supply user flash memorey (firmware 2.1.19+), for user store pages, and supply special Sweb mod (Serial <-> Web) , for commulication with user via web browser through web pages.

If a user default page has stored as index.htm in user flash, the vister on USR-wifimod-II ip will be forward to user index.htm page.

USR-wifimod-II can read html files from flash, and also can read file from UART, it can identifi gif | png | jpg | bmp | xml | swf | css | js | class etc web files, the UART system should send data back to wifimodII after receive data require. Then USR-wifimod-II will display it on webpage.

USR-wifimod-II support octet-stream file type, it can use for download data via web browser from UART.

USR-wifimod-II support file update also, so it can submit any type file to UART.

USR-wifimod-II support AJAX mode for commulication with UART, use this method, the Javascript in web page can send and receive data from UART, and need not to fresh whole web page.

USR-wifimod-II can setup delay and wait time for web control in Sweb mod, and setting clear cache before read UART data, to fit diffirent commutication detail and useage.

We do a lot of optimization and test for all kinds of web browser for USR-wifimod-II, but not every web browser on mobile work ok:

  • WindowsMobile IE: html ok, JavaScript ok, CSS not good.
  • Opera Mobile: html ok, CSS ok, Javascript ok.
  • Nokia mobile browser:html ok, CSS ok, Javascript ok.
  • Andriod Chrome-lite: very good, html ok, CSS ok, Javascript ok. support Canvas lable; version 2.2 support Flash10.1.
  • iphone Safari: very good, very good, html ok, CSS ok, Javascript ok. support Canvas lable;
  • ucWeb and OperaMini: did not support vist USR-wifimod-II in Local area network.


USR-wifimod-II has four leds

POWER: red, light when power on.

WLAN: greeen, light when conncet to wifi network, flash when wireless data send or receive.

NET: green, light when TCP connetec, flash when sockte data transfer.

SERIAL: green, light when UART port open, flash when data transfer.



STcpCTCP Client(客户机)透传功能,支持访问域名,连接后声明ID等。
STcpSTCP Server(服务器)透传功能,如果需要使用Flash或者Silverlight的Socket连接,需要模块支持该功能。
ModBusMModBus Master引擎,能够通过js脚本读写modbus总线上从节点的寄存器数据,可以配合RS485功能,构造基于web的HMI。
SLSock支持Silverlight socket连接:模块须设置在TCP server模式(端口为4530),在浏览器中可以通过基于SilverLight的socket程序连接模块本身,与串口交互数据。
FLSock类似于Silverlight,用户可以使用Flash的XMLSocket编程,模块须设置在TCP server模式(端口为4540),在网页中与串口交互数据。

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